Monogramming Etiquette

Historically, a monogram was a motif of intertwined letters used as a royal signature.  Artists used them to sign their work and royalty used them to symbolize their place in society. Today monograms appear on just about anything.

A monogrammed gift is a wonderful and thoughtful way to tell someone you are thinking of them.  Although personal preference is the most important consideration, there are some monogramming guidelines outlined below:

Monogramming for an individual:

For an individual, the choices are first initial, last initial, just the first and last initial, or all three initials.

The two letter monogram would show the initials in the same size; for example, Ann Jones would be:


The three letter monogram uses the initial of the last name in the middle in larger font with the initial of the first name first and the initial of the middle name last.  Ann Karen Jones would be:


If you prefer a three-letter monogram with letters all the same size, then the initials should go in order of the name.  This method is more frequently used for men's monograms.  Alan Charles Smith would be:


Monogramming for a couple:

For a couple, the three letter monogram traditionally uses the initial of the last name in the middle, the woman's first initial first and the man's first initial last.  For example, Ann & Charles Smith's monogram would look as follows:


Monogram Fonts

Below are all the letters of three styles that we offer of traditional monograms -- Fancy, Octagon & Point:

Please note that if you prefer a regular font done in the monogram format, just choose the font you would like from the Font page and note your choice in the Special Instructions box of your order.

Fancy Monogram FontOctagon Monogram Font

Point Monogram Font